Funeral for the Butterflies

Got to be immune to that dreamy smile, The supernova in my heart, And these roller-coaster rides, must finally end. The flames I kept ignited for so long, Just so that there’ll be light, must finally be put out. Even if I drown in my darkness, For all of eternity, I finally realise that you…

Silent Goodbyes 👋

A friend messages, “Hey you? What’s up? How have you been?” And while tears stream down my face, I answer “I’m fine!” “You don’t sound like your usual self”, the friend says. And I reply, “yeah, but don’t worry, with time it’ll be fine 🙂” (And quickly changes the subject…) The truth is, lately I’ve…

Should we feel proud or disgraced?

My take on this whole brigadier gesturing phiasco. As a person who has seen/ lived and been in combat during the period of the war, and as a normal human being like you and I, acting such way is justifiable in my opinion. If your family, relatives or friends get slaughtered / killed by terrorists,…

Incomplete Poetry

The blood rushing moments, The butterflies deep in my stomach, The cold rainy nights, Those dazzling sunsets, The lonely 3ams, Sound of the ocean as the waves gently crash on the shore, The nights lit by the stars, The lonely moon, All but remind me of one thing, The ghost, that’s you. (this one is…

The moon

The veil of darkness & half lit flickering things, Cannot match the light you give On your best days. They tell stories of you & dance under your light Look up to you in hope, In amazement & in love But you; only have your eyes set, on the one that got away. 5am thoughts

A dangerous being

Smiling in the face of chaos, Coz’ that’s what you taught me, that’s who you wanted me to be, that’s who you need me to be. A person who will smile politely while fighting never ending battles inside.

The Sunset – That’s You

Turquoise blue waters, Green hued mountains, The warm breeze that woos you, The starry nights unravelling its secrets, The moon that shines bright, Out of all these mysteries of the world, What reminds me most of you, Is the golden shades and the purple painted reflections, Blending to perfection at the horizon, Closer to the…

The Rhythm of Whiskey

The cold winter breeze, The undulating trees, The hooting owl, And the wolf howling at a distance, Were musicians creating music for the night. As the midnight hour strikes, In a cabin not too far away, Glowing brighter than the day, The Sun and the Moon kept swaying, With fingers tangled and A glass of…

The Lost Soul

The thousand thoughts, The what if’s, The “are you kidding me?” that come way too often, What on earth is this turning you into? The dreams you dream, remains just that…dreams And you can’t help but wonder Is there more to it? Or will this just be your eternity? – The Lost Soul

Misunderstood Demon

Dark skies and thunderstorms, Lightening strikes and thunder growls, Flowers whither and trees twist, While, a misunderstood demon in a cloak walks by… #RandomThoughts